What is Mobidoo


What is it?

Mobidoo - What is it?Mobidoo provides an easy way for small and medium businesses to create a mobile website and promote themselves to mobile phones. We’ve achieved this by combining the mobile web with QR Codes. Within minutes you will have a professional mobile web app that you can update yourself, and then directly promote it to existing and potential customers... It’s so easy!

Mobile Websites

Mobidoo - Mobile WebsitesAt its core, Mobidoo is an easy to use mobile content management system (CMS) that allows you to create a new professional mobile website, or convert your existing desktop website to mobile. The mobile website you create will work properly on almost any mobile phone and doesn’t require visitors to download or install an app.

With Mobidoo you can update and change the information on your mobile site with ease. Your content and information is organised into widgets. Widgets make it a breeze to change the layout without needing any special technical ability. We've developed widgets for Google maps, YouTube, social networking, product listings, image galleries, Apple iTunes, and more.

We've even included a rich theme engine so you change the colours and add your own business logo. This means your mobile site will look and feel exactly like your regular desktop website.

QR Codes

Mobidoo - QR CodesMobidoo provides the link between the real world and the digital world by integrating QR Codes (short for Quick Response Codes). Almost any mobile phone with a camera can read QR Codes. The codes contain information that tells the phone what to do. In Mobidoo’s case we tell the smartphone to go to your mobile website. This means that when people in the real world scan your QR Code with their phone they go directly to your mobile website. No need to type a URL, and no need to search your business name; just instantaneous access to your information.

QR Codes can be placed almost anywhere. Put them on business cards, on pamphlets, on signage, in magazine advertisements, on fridge magnets, and anywhere else in the real world where prospecting customers can scan them.

Every page that you generate on your Mobidoo website also comes with a unique QR code. The QR code image can be downloaded or emailed in a number of formats, colours, and sizes for you to place on promotional/marketing material. The Mobidoo application even allows you to print your code directly to ISO label sheets to save reprinting of existing promotional.

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