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Mobidoo - Let's make going mobile easyMobile apps are often touted as the next big thing as more and more applications are moving from the desktop to browser, and now to mobile phones. Today, there are numerous mobile development platforms like Google's Android, Apple's iOS for iPhone/iPad/etc, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry to name a few. If you want to get your business onto these platforms via a native app, it becomes cumbersome and expensive to cover all of them because you need to build the same piece of software as many times for as many devices that you want to support. The Smartphone market is still in its infancy, and people are swapping between phones/platforms all the time (others often have more than one phone too).

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a solution that allowed you to support all Smartphone platforms, and even older web enabled mobile phones, without expensive, complicated development processes? Enter Mobidoo!

Mobidoo -

Mobidoo has developed a platform that does not care what operating system or hardware the Smartphone is consuming and there are no apps to search for and install. Mobidoo makes use of the 1 truly common feature of mobile phones (not just Smartphones); the web browser. Using the phone's browser as the app environment, Mobidoo allows you to create, update, and share information quickly and easily while keeping the look and feel of a native app.

Ease has been our priority throughout the development of Mobidoo. You simply sign up, edit your own content, and then place your QR Code in as many places as possible for people to scan. Visitors don't even need to type anything to get to your web app and information!

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